Limited parking is available at the zoo:


CONTI-Parkhouse at the zoo (392 parking spaces):

Zoo visitors pay a daily maximum price of 4€ here. The parking card must be validated when leaving the zoo and paid for later at the parking garage vending machine.


Parking under the zoo bridge (292 parking spaces):

On weekends and during vacations, this parking lot is managed by the zoo. Zoo visitors pay a daily rate of 5€ (cash payment only). Hourly rates cannot be paid at the machine.

On all other days, the parking fee (max. 5€/day) can be paid at a parking machine of the city of Cologne.

Attention: The parking lot is divided in two by Riehler Str.. The accesses are located on the "Frohngasse" (direction Rheinufer) and on the "Alten Stamheimer Weg" (direction Riehler Str.).


Further information and parking possibilities:

The website offers helpful information on parking options around the zoo after entering "Kölner Zoo" in the search field.

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